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GTC (Generam Terms and Conditions) are both necessary and essential tools.

It is essential because it is basis on which you can demand payment on an invoice.
It is mandatory, because it regulates relations with clients and must govern, all contractual relationships.

Amicable debt collection

The purpose is to establish or re-establish a dialogue with the debtor in order to obtain the payment and maintain the business relationship.

Tools: phone and mail, plus tenacious tracking!
Reminder the amicable recovery represents about, 70% of the success of our interventions.

Judicial recovery

Each cas is a special case. The procedure is clear:

Gain recognition of the debt by the competent Court,
Obtain the enforcement of the judgment

The enforcement of the Court judgement

We find your debtors and their assets by working with our partner investigators.

We then work in synergy with a network of bailiffs, in France and abroad in order to seize the accounts and property of the debtor.

Why choose us ?

Try us! It will cost you in the event success
Our interest is yours: if you cash the money we are paid.

Fees due only for recovered amount and calculated on a sliding scale

No cash = no fees

Success rate ofer 96%*

*for a legally valid debts with a solvant debitor

No fees for opening or closing you file*

* for debts over 2500€